Invoicing Methods for NDIS Service Providers

Invoice via Desktop or Mobile

This method suits those who prefer to manage their invoices individually, particularly sole traders or businesses with fewer invoices.

  • Login to the Capital Guardians portal on any device
  • Upload invoice details and attachments
  • Quickest way to submit a simple invoice
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Email Your Invoice

This method suits providers with multiple participants and detailed invoices, who prefer to manage invoices via email.

  • Initial setup required
  • Each provider gets a unique email address
  • Send PDF invoices via email
  • Invoice must contain a consistently located account ID (default: participant’s NDIS ID)
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Direct Invoice Load from Xero

This method suits providers who already use Xero for invoicing, and who have multiple participants and several line items per invoice.

  • Initial setup required
  • Create invoices directly from your Xero account
  • No emailing needed
  • Account IDs in Xero must match those in Capital Guardians
  • NDIS line item must be included in Xero
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Upload Multiple Invoices via CSV

This method suits providers who prefer to manage bulk invoicing invoicing with a single upload, uploading several single line invoices for multiple participants.

  • Use our CSV template for multiple entries
  • Include participant ID, line item, unites, and rate claimed
  • Save and upload to our system
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