How do I manage my plan’s spending to last the whole plan period?

November 3rd, 2023

Capital Guardian’s unique real-time NDIS Statements and NDIS Plan Monitor allow monitoring by participants anytime anywhere. The spending monitor in green counts the time elapsed over the plan and compares to the spending to this date. If spending exceed the remaining time, the monitor will turn red, alerting that spending will run out if it continues at the current rate.  Selecting the “+” on an or the categories of Core, Capital, and Capacity Building will display monitors of the different budgets for the NDIS Plan.

Ross McDonald

Ross is the CEO and founder of Capital Guardians. He has an extensive career in financial management and tech solutions development. Having first created Capital Guardians as a solution for aged care over a decade ago, so his expertise in payments and invoicing for people in protected settings is second to none.

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