Invoicing Methods for Home Care Providers

Invoice via Desktop or Mobile

This method suits those who prefer to manage their invoices individually, particularly sole traders or businesses with fewer invoices.

  • Login to the Capital Guardians portal on any device
  • Upload invoice details and attachments
  • Quickest way to submit a simple invoice
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Email your invoice

This method suits providers who manage several clients and need to send multiple line items per invoice.

  • Send PDF invoices via a unique email address associated with your profile.
  • Invoice must contact a consistent location for the OCR system
  • Perfect for providers with multiple clients and several line items per invoice.
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Direct Invoice Load from Xero

This method sutis providers who manage multiple clients and multiple line items per invoice.

  • Create invoices in your Xero account and they automatically sync
  • Requires consistent account ID between Capital Guardians and Xero
  • Ideal for providers managing multiple clients and multiple line items
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Upload Multiple Invoices via CSV

This method suits providers who need to upload several single line invoices for several clients.

  • Fill out your CSV template and enter each line item claimed
  • Save and upload on the system
  • Perfect for batch invoicing for multiple clients
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